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We’ve had some rest and recuperation after a wild 2022, and we’re ready to hit the ground sprinting in 2023.

Your passion and comradeship inspires us, excites the games we work with, and shows us our theories about what web3 gaming needs culturally are on point. Now we want to help YOU grow.

Our focus this year will be increasing how and where we can offer you opportunities for the excellent play and passion you bring to the games you love. Expect pleasant surprises.


We’re launching Season 0.5 to support some exciting new partners and campaigns while we work on our closed alpha reputation and community experience with our top M-XP holders.

Expect new Quests and events from well-loved Soulbound games as well as exciting new partners over the next few months!


We’ve had a blast this past year learning with some of the best games and communities in web3, but behind the scenes we’ve been working on something much bigger - the next evolution of gamer rewards and achievements.

Soulbound Closed Alpha will give players and communities all the functionality of our Season 0 tooling in a beautiful and entertaining experience geared towards rewarding the best players with the best rewards by freeing their achievements and reputations from the walled gardens of traditional gaming and more centralized reputation systems. We are here to serve everyone regardless of affiliation.

Only YOU should own your saga.

Top Season 0 / Season 0.5 gamers and communities will have an opportunity to access Soulbound Prime’s closed alpha, and will have a tremendous voice in how we develop our tooling with exclusive opportunities available according to the value of their play.

What if YOU had the power of M-XP?

Who would YOU reward?

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